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Credit Card Pin Pad

Hello! We recently had to get a new pin pad. It is working great but if someone wants to use a debit card as credit the pin pad makes them either enter a pin or the staff will have to manually enter the card number. Is there a way to set the pin pad to accept a debit card as credit? 

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Credit Card Pin Pad

There is a Workstation preference to set the pin pad to force a pin when a debit card is used (see attached).

Please be aware that this is not an all or nothing setting.

In some cases the banks have placed restrictions on the cards, and they will only run as debit.

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Credit Card Pin Pad

Hi - I just changed to Intuit Merchant Services and have my equipment set up in my three stores. The new PIN pads are NOT prompting customers to enter PIN, regardless of dollar amount of sale. When I look at the Workstation Preferences under PIN pads, there is no box to check to require entry of PIN when possible. I want my customers to run debit transactions as debits in order to receive the lower processing rate. Please help.

QuickBooks Team

Credit Card Pin Pad

Good day, @bigforks_best.


Let's update your QuickBooks Point of Sale to the latest release. This way, QuickBooks will download and install updates for you when they're available.


Here's how:


  1. Sign in to your point of sale system as an admin.
  2. Go to the Help menu and hover over Software Update. Then select Updater Preference.
  3. Choose the General tab.
  4. Click Automatically download updates
  5. You can also click Notify me so you can decide if you want new updates when they're available.
  6. Hit OK.


Once you've done, go back to Workstation Preferences under Pin pads then put a checkmark beside EMV Debit Setting. This way your it will prompt to enter PIN when your customer process their payment.


However, if you're still unable to see the option, I'd suggest contacting our Merchant Service Support Team. An agent will help you and further investigate your concern.


To reach them, please refer to this article and proceed to QuickBooks Online with Payments & Merchant Service Center section to get their most updated contact information: Contact Payments Support.


Also, I'll add our Help-articles, it provides topics that might help you navigate your account.


I want to make sure everything is taken care of for you, so please let me know if you have any other issues or concerns. I'm always here to help. Take good care.



Level 1

Credit Card Pin Pad

Hi- I am having the same problem as the original poster, except our pin pad is not new.  It was working normal on Saturday, and overnight it switched that customers have to enter a pin even when wanting to run it as credit.  I have already changed the preference so it does not force a pin, but it is still forcing a pin on some cards.  I have called  QuickBooks tech support with NO help what so ever.  Is there any way to change this setting on the pin pad? or a way to bypass the pin option?


Note: we have a server computer and a workstation computer.  The server computer has the pin pad that will make customers enter pins, where the workstation pin pad will let a customer run their card like normal.  They are the exact same pin pad running on the same version, and were bought at the exact same time.  

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