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Customizing the 1099 Detail Report

How do I add the complete vendor address to the 1099 Detail Report.  I have attempted to create this report for 3 different clients with no luck.  The obvious field that should pull in the entire address is "Name Address" but  it is only pulling in the City/State/Zip in the column called "Name Address".  


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Customizing the 1099 Detail Report

it works on mine, name address is the whole address (2019 premier accountant) what year and version are you using?

push comes to shove use the individual fields

name street 1 - business name

name street 2 - building address

etc etc

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Customizing the 1099 Detail Report

This sort of thing will happen when your address isn't a complete address, but starts with the street. QB addresses should be complete, like:




Street 1

[Street 2]

City, State ZIP



Where fields in [brackets] are optional.

Level 15

Customizing the 1099 Detail Report

I attached an image of where each piece of info is entered.

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