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Disabling desktop password

getting sick and tired of having to reset admin password. I do not wish to have a login for desktop. Is there an option in order to decide if I am still going use quickbooks.  I have spent more time resetting passwords after updates and such then working on my business accounting. 


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Disabling desktop password

If you select the option to not require password for 90 days you only have to log in with password 4 times per year. And you only have to change your password if you have gopayments (customer credit card info in your file)

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Disabling desktop password

I purposely sought out the desktop version of Quickbooks so that I did not have to log in when I wanted to use it.


I manage multiple LLCs, super-small businesses. Logging in 4x per year doesn't sound so bad but if you have 10 small LLCs, now you are logging in 40 times per year.  It feels like Intuit is spitting in my face every time I have to log in.


I have no data that I need to protect, but the best protection is not to expose it to the internet, which Intuit has now done by opening a back door to my data.


So, Intuit has put me at risk AND made it inconvenient to use their product.   I am starting to port my LLCs to other accounting products, since I have to log in anyway.

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