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Ben at Nautilus
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Downloading QB app so I can access my files remotely

We use QB Mac Desktop for our small nonprofit. I'm traveling and can access my company file through iCloud, but I can't open the file. I thought I had a copy of QB Mac on my MacBook, but I was wrong. I don't need to enter or alter anything, I just need to get some information from the company file. Can I download QB Mac Desktop onto my MacBook, even if it's a read-only version? I'm working on a big grant application that is due in a week, and I won't be back in the office until after the deadline. We do have an Intuit account. Help!

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Downloading QB app so I can access my files remotely

Good to see you here in the Community space, @Ben at Nautilus. I'll share information about using iCloud for QBDT MAC.


At the moment, macOS has a feature called iCloud Document Sharing that allows for the synchronization of a specific folder to iCloud Drive. This folder or file can then be linked to and shared with others, who can access, download, and work on the shared files in collaboration, just like with QuickBooks Desktop MAC. 


In your case, the reason why you can't open the file because using a remote access setup for QuickBooks Mac is not advisable via iCloud Sharing. You can find further information on iCloud Document Sharing and its proper usage and restrictions in this article: iCloud Document Sharing and QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2019 and newer.


For the time being, you can install QBDT MAC on your MacBook and restore the file from there. However, it still depends on your license if they allow multiple installations.


You can restore your company file in a few easy steps if you create a backup in QuickBooks for Mac. QuickBooks for Mac creates a DMG file when you create a backup. This file contains a copy of your company file and other documents you saved in QuickBooks, like forms or PDFs.


Here's how to restore your file:


  1. Double-click the backup file. This opens a new window that shows a copy of your company file. If you have attached documents in your backup, you should also see a folder called Attachments Library.
  2. Drag the copy of your company file to the folder where you keep your QuickBooks company. If you see Attachments Library, drag the folder to the same location.
  3. Tip: If you have an existing company file and you don't want to overwrite it, you can move the backup copy to a separate folder.
  4. Open your QuickBooks for Mac.
  5. Select Browse, then go to the folder where you saved the copy of the company file. Select the company file, then Open.
  6. A prompt lets you know that you are opening a backup file. Select Continue.
  7. Enter a name for the company file, then Save.
  8. Click OK.


To restore your attached documents, please proceed to Step 3 as mentioned in this article: Restore your backup company file for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.


Additionally, to guide you in activating your QBDT Mac and its user guide, see these articles:



I'm ready to back you up if you need more help downloading and installing QuickBooks products. I'll keep the thread open so you can comment back. Stay safe.

Ben at Nautilus
Level 1

Downloading QB app so I can access my files remotely

Thanks for the reply. I can access our company file, and download it to my laptop. But I can't open it because I don't have QB Desktop on my laptop.  I'm trying to download QB Desktop now.

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Downloading QB app so I can access my files remotely

@Ben at Nautilus 

Which QB Desktop year version do you have?

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