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Entering Receipts

Currently I am providing bookkeeping for a general contractor and I have a lot of daily receipts to enter.  However, most of them are receipts for HomeDepot/Lowes where there is one receipt but two payment methods, example they do a lot of returns for unused material so a store credit is applied and then balance is put on company card.  Currently the only way for me to process these receipts is to enter two bills each time, one for store credit and one for company card since vendor bills does not offer a payment split option.  As you can imagine these creates a lot of transactions and extra work for my bookkeeping.   Would love a solution to this issue.


I also receive a lot of credit receipts, these are time of sale receipts, not bill later vendors where I can deduct from my next payment.  With this option I can enter bill as a credit and attach the receipt, which saves me time later trying to find a receipt in my files when I need to review.  Unfortunately Quickbooks does not make this transaction easy and I cannot apply credit through bill to company account it was paid from.  I have to go into make deposits everytime, this is also time consuming and not efficient for a bookkeeper.  A link to the make deposits on vendor bill credit might be a temporary solution.  Any solution to this problem as well would be great. 

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Entering Receipts

I'll help with your concern about recording vendor transactions, KimberlyAnnVA. 


As you may have observed, you can only assign one payment method in a single transaction in QuickBooks. You'll want to consider using a third-party app that offers more options when it comes to recording bills and other vendor transactions. Here's the link where you can find all accredited third-party apps:


Also, you'll want to enter the credits as credit memos and attach the receipt. Then, apply them s payments when bills are recorded at a later time. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Vendor Center
  2. Right-click on the name of the vendor and select Enter Bills.
  3. Select the Credit radio button in the upper-part portion of the bill.
  4. Enter the required details ad click Save and close

You can also follow these steps on how to apply the credit memo to the bill:


  1. Open the bill and click Pay Bill.
  2. Click Set Credits in the lower-portion of the page.
  3. Proceed to the Credits tab and check the credit memo.
  4. Click Done.

Check out these articles for more details and additional reference: 


Visit us again in the Community if you have other questions.


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Entering Receipts


You may prepare the data in XLS and utilize an importer tool to speed up your works. Unfortunately you still need to attach the receipt manually to each transaction if required.




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