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Error: 80070057

In our in-house lab and real-world experiments, when a network is set up as a peer-to-peer hosting environment (one of the computers hosts and uses the QuickBooks database while other users connect to the computer acting as a host) QuickBooks will throw error 80070057 if the database is opened by the computer hosting the file first. If another user opens the database first, no error occurs.


Currently known solutions:

1.) Always open the file on a system that is not the host computer before the host system opens the file.

2.) Add another system to only host the database instead (creating a dedicated server environment)

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Level 7

Error: 80070057

Hi @Nerds , thank you have posted in Quickbooks community.


So, your concern have solved!. 

Please don't hesitate to sharing your further concern in community.


Glad to talk to you.

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