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We have a lawn company. Currently we have an estimate I have used that I created in excel. It has two columns. One for initial service and one for subsequent services. Do to the fact initial could be a different amount then there regular biweekly or weekly service. 

Ex: Customer wants mow, weed eat, and edge. Their concrete hs never been edged. So their initial edge price is higher due to more man hours spent. Regular service only has an edge maintenance charge which is lower because less time.


How can I create an estimate like this in QBO?? 


The invoices would not have this double column. Only the estimate. Right now I'm sending 2 seperate estimates to each client. This is frustrating and I'd rather just send 1 estimate.

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You can add a certain number of columns but the only columns of any meaning are Quantity, Rate and Total. Estimates, as well as Invoices are line item driven. You could have a master Estimate with all possible services and rates and then create copies from that with lesser number of services. You also can create invoices for only a portion of an Estimate so the Estimate would serve more as a shopping cart - think about a column with checkboxes for each item

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