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GoPayment Transaction cancellations but charged

I am having trouble with my GoPayment that Intuit customer service has yet to rectify.  When charging via my GoPayment, two times I have had a gray bar come up that has stated that the transaction has been canceled.  It makes it look like the credit card has been denied.  So, the client and I have swiped the credit card again and tried another card.  Then, it turns out that I have 5 transactions that went through my Merchant account despite having the message.  I'm not sure what is going on and frustrated because I had to reverse over 10 transactions because I had thought the transactions did not go through.  There has been no problem with my internet connection.  All software is up to date.  I have had this issue only 2 times, but so frustrating that I'm supposed to know not to try to redo the transaction.

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QuickBooks Team

GoPayment Transaction cancellations but charged

Hello there, BNM.


Thanks for letting us know about this. 


Since I want to make sure you are routed to the right support that can help you with GoPayment transaction cancellations, I suggest you reach out to our QuickBooks Merchant Support Team. They have the necessary tools to verify the status of the credit card transactions and investigate why you are being charge.


Just in case you'd want to know more about processing payments for credit card transactions, feel free to check out this link: Process a payment in Merchant Service Center.​


Keep me posted on how it goes or if you have follow-up questions about this. Please know that I'm here whenever you need help.

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