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Has Anyone figured out how to navigate QuickBooks Online/Payroll Support?

I've been a QuickBooks Pro Advisor for a little over a year now, and I manage the books for several clients, most of which I recommended use QBO not only because of the ever-expanding list of features and Apps, but because I found it very user friendly, and they had the best support team in the biz, bar none.


However, for the last couple of months, my experience when I've needed to contact support has been sub-par. I've tried the chat...agents disappear for 5-10 minutes at a time with no explanation into what they're working on only to transfer me to someone else. Often, I've been asked to repeat my question/provide my company id/etc multiple times within the same chat window only to find out 30 minutes later they are going to have to transfer me to another team member where the process starts all over again. 


I've tried the telephone method - both talk to a specialist and request a callback - and manage to get transferred back to the poor Sales team because they must be the catch-all when transfers go awry, or I'm getting randomly disconnected. 


I'm Advanced Certified in all the QuickBooks things, so I'm generally only calling in when I have actual issues I cannot fix without back-end support like payroll corrections, database errors, and report or dashboard calculation or formatting issues. 


Have I just had colossally bad luck with the help desk roulette? Has anyone else noticed a decline in the performance of the system as well as the lack of knowledgeable support staff? This is an honest question. 

I discovered only today that I had issues with a recent Full Service Payroll onboarding for one of my clients in which some checks were manually added to payroll when they shouldn't have been. After 45 minutes of being transferred around, I was told that they'd have to open a new case ID for the correction, would charge me at minimum $100 to make the correction, and it would take up to 30 days for them to perform the correction....for a mistake THEY made during onboarding! 30 days means I'm going to have to decide whether the manually file and send W-2's, or risk being late in filing. 


Multiply problems like this times the 20+ clients I manage, and there's no way I can continue to use QBO. 


I'm really not here to bash QuickBooks; I love the advances they've made with their Online services, but I'm reaching the point that I simply cannot afford to lose the time I'm spending dealing with system crashes and confusing support lines.  I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on how to reach Intuit folks who can actually help me.


Has Anyone figured out how to navigate QuickBooks Online/Payroll Support?

We value your time and understand what you've been through to resolve the concern of your client's payroll, lorendac.


Any payroll corrections-related concerns are handled by our dedicated Full Service Payroll specialists. Our experts will review all of your client's payroll transactions thoroughly to guarantee the accuracy. So if an issue arises, Intuit will act as representation to the IRS.


I encourage you to visit the Community if you have concerns in the future. You can count on us.

Level 2

Has Anyone figured out how to navigate QuickBooks Online/Payroll Support?

Not in this case. This is a historical payroll payment added for a quarter that I was required to file manually. A payroll payment that I specifically directed the onboarding specialist NOT to add. (I looked back through my email to verify)


So no, this is causing ME to have to defend numbers to the IRS.


But somehow I'm required to pay for that privilege AND wait up to 30 days for the correction to be made in the system.

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