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How do I change the way QB is coding transfers on bank dowloads?

Scenario: Transfer from Account A to Account B. Bank download comes in for both accounts. In Account B it shows the correct deposit from Account A. In Account A it shows transfer to Account A, to Account B. This happens often but not always (my client transfers a lot between accounts and this has caused a lot of incorrect recorded transfers which is why I was recently hired by him to fix his books). How do I stop QB from assigning the wrong account #? Or is this just a glitch and the user has to be more cautious with these downloaded transfers?
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How do I change the way QB is coding transfers on bank dowloads?

Hello konkle,


We currently don't have an option to change the way transactions are being coded, or stop QuickBooks from assigning them to the wrong account. However, you can edit the bank information before adding them. In the For Review tab, select a transaction and select the correct account in the Category field. 


You can also use the Bank Rule feature. It allows you to automatically categorize transactions based on the rules you've set up. To learn more about it, please see this article: How to Set and Use Banking Rules For Downloaded Transactions.


Let us know if you need anything else. 

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