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How do i get updates to QB onlines?

Are there software updates you need to get for online or should they update automatically when you log on?
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How do i get updates to QB onlines?

Hello, Jen. 


I'd like to lay down some details about the updates in QuickBooks Online. 


The updates are automatically added in QuickBooks Online, so you don't have to do anything at all. Just log in and check out the new features as they come in (notified through email updates or in-product popup windows). 


Just to elaborate on the update process, not all customers receive the updates as soon as they come in. We usually release the updates in batches until all users have the new features for QuickBooks Online. 


We have video tutorials to help you with the product navigation in QuickBooks Online. Check them out here: Videos for QuickBooks Online


Do you use our Online Banking feature to categorize your bank records and the transactions in QuickBooks? Check out our guide here: Categorize and match online bank transactions in QuickBooks Online.


Would you like to run specific reports or record your transactions in QuickBooks? Please let me know and I'll lay down some guides for you. I can also help you with the new features in QuickBooks Online. 

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How do i get updates to QB onlines?

I received a phone call from an oblivious overseas person saying that my QuickBooks online update has not been accepted by me. After trying to send me another update request he wanted to take over my computer remotely to correct any settings. I didn’t allow that and now I’m trying to see if that was legitimate 

QuickBooks Team

How do i get updates to QB onlines?

Thank you for turning to the Community about your concern, mdpho.

I’m glad to know that you didn’t let the person who contacted you access your computer. This prevents them from getting Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Let me guide you to the right support who can properly address your concern.

We always protect customers’ privacy, confidential information, and property. Please know that Intuit won’t reach out to you to fix a problem with your computer. Thus, I recommend contacting our Intuit Security Support to report the issue. 

Also, our specialists will guide you on how to avoid customer support scams. You can reach them here: Intuit Online Security Center. Then choose the Contact US menu.

You can bookmark this article in your browser for additional resources: Identify suspicious activity, phishing scams, and potential fraud. It provides detailed information on how to recognize official Intuit correspondence and websites.

The links below contain tips to help keep your information safe. You’ll also learn how we store your data.



Reach out to me again if you have additional concerns about the security of your account. I’ll be right here to assist further. Have a good one.

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