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How to create master SKU?

Hi all! A couple years ago, I encountered a slight inconvenience that I could not think of a solution for, whether it be my lack of knowledge of QuickBooks, or just impossibility. I use QuickBooks Enterprise for Windows Desktop. My company sells furniture and we use QuickBooks as inventory. Some of our items come in multiple boxes, and it is necessary to keep track of the inventory of each box. For example, our wardrobes come in 3 boxes. Usually, all 3 boxes are sent out simultaneously, and if this were always the case, we would not need to keep inventory of all 3 boxes separately. However, sometimes, a box gets lost in transfer, and we need to resend it, which changes the inventory of that specific box from the set of 3 for the wardrobe. Most of the time however, this does not happen, and it is inconvenient to have to keep inputting 3 separate inventory logs for the same item.

Therefore, my question is, is it possible to create a Master SKU, where just adjusting the inventory of that SKU, all other branches, or boxes, change accordingly?

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How to create master SKU?

Hello there, mjaffe210,


I can see the importance of being able to track these using one SKU. However, it is unavailable. You'll want to track them separately.


Check out these articles for more information:

Feel free to message again if you have additional questions.

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