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i need help with insurance premium audit

how to do  insurance premium audit


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QuickBooks Team

i need help with insurance premium audit

Hi there,


Let me help you run reports for your insurance premium audit.


You'll need to generate reports for your audit. You can follow the steps below to do so.


  1. On the left navigation panel, click Reports.
  2. Choose from the reports available. You can also use the search bar.
  3. Customize the reports to a specific date range.
  4. Click the Export icon.
  5. Choose to export to Excel or a PDF file.


You can also consult an accountant to verify which specific reports you'll need to prepare.


For more info on generating reports, please refer to this article: Run reports in QuickBooks Online.


For future use, here's how to save a report's current customization settings: Memorize reports in QuickBooks Online.


Feel free to let me know if you need anything else for your insurance premium audit. I'll be around to help you out.

Level 1

i need help with insurance premium audit

I am sorry it was supposed to be desktop. Also I know how to get to reports I just don't understand what a monthly sales journal would be.

QuickBooks Team

i need help with insurance premium audit

I have some details about the monthly sales journal. I'll explain to you what this is for, NvrMind.


A sales journal is a type of manual accounting system that helps businesses keep track of the summary of invoices issued to their customers. This journal is specifically used to record all receivables, including credit sales for goods and/or services. It is important to note that all cash transactions should be recorded in a separate receipts journal, which records transactions that are paid in cash.


You can pull sales or customer reports and customize them so you'll be able to get the right data you need. To do so, follow the steps below:


  1. Run a report.
  2. On the Report window, select Customize Report.
  3. On the Modify Report window, go to the tab/s you need to update, then select OK when you're done.


To get more information on adding or deleting columns and using the Display and other tabs in QuickBooks, read this article for reference: Customize Reports in QuickBooks Desktop.


On top of that, you may want the same settings as what you have with your customized report. Learn from this article on how to memorize reports. Check this out for your guide: Create, Access, and Modify Memorized Reports.


Let me know and reply below if you have further questions about sales journals or reports in QuickBooks. I'm always right here to help you. 

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