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I tried importing my QB POS inventory into QB Desktop and now there are duplications

I want to discontinue tracking inventory in QB POS and use just QB Desktop.  I exported from QB POS to an excel spreadsheet, then imported into QB Desktop.  That was a complete cluster.  Now I have duplicated items with non-inventory and inventory types for the same product. I don't want to make the non-inventory items "inactive" plus, I'm thinking that would have to compromise the financials.  Is there an easier, less time consuming, and not to mention accurate way to do this? 

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QuickBooks Team

I tried importing my QB POS inventory into QB Desktop and now there are duplications

Hi there, EE1. I'm here to assist you in handling your duplicate items in your QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


Firstly, please note that deactivating an item in your QBDT will not impact the accuracy of your financial reports and figures. With that, you can consider inactivating these products.


At the same time, you can rename those components and use a unique identifier to indicate that this is a duplicate. This way, you'll have a more organized inventory and avoid confusion that these will cause if you process sales and expense transactions. To do this, you can follow the steps I'll share below.


  1. Open your QBDT company file.
  2. Go to Lists, then Item List.
  3. Locate the duplicate items and double-click to open.
  4. In the Item Name/Number, modify it to a name where you can quickly identify this. 
  5. Click OK.


You can check the Change item type part of this article: Add, edit, and delete items in QuickBooks Desktop.


Additionally, you read this article if you want to keep your QBDT items organized: Use item categories.


I'll be around if you have any other concerns about handling duplicates in QBDT. Just drop a reply or tag me, and I'll be sure to help you anytime.

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