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If you print checks with errors, how do you fix them?

I printed 6 checks, later noted errors on them. Now i need to print them again, and check the vendor not paid.
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If you print checks with errors, how do you fix them?

In QB desktop, you would go to the check transaction and click Void for each check that printed incorrectly. You could write/stamp void on the check and save for your record or shred them. You should then be able to look at the invoice you were paying and it shouldn't show as paid or have a check payment linked to it. Or, go to print the checks again, your unpaid invoices should be listed as available to pay, and print again while crossing your fingers this time. 

QuickBooks Team

If you print checks with errors, how do you fix them?

I'm glad to see you here in Community, @parvin-kamaltruc. I'll provide some steps on how you can fix the errors in your vendor checks in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


You can edit the vendor's check to correct the error. Let me show you how:


  1. Log into your QBO account.
  2. Go to the Expenses menu.
  3. Locate the checks you will be reprinting.
  4. Click the View/Edit under the Action tab to correct the errors.
  5. Once you're done editing, click Print check.



Also, if you want to print vendor checks by batch, ensure to put a checkmark in the Print later box while editing the check. 



Then, select the checks you want to print and click Print Checks.



For more information about printing checks in QBO, please check out this article: Print a check in QuickBooks Online.


Additionally, you can visit this article to learn more about how you can set up your print settings in QBO: Configure your print settings for printing checks in QuickBooks Online.


Please reach out to us if you encounter any other issues in printing vendor checks in QBO, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Keep safe!

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