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I mean will I over write the existing account with balances to 0.00 if I import my new chart of accounts in the format that I want them to be or if the account has the same name and number do I bring over the balance with the new chart of accounts

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Level 3


what is the procedure to inport a new chart of account when the old one has balances


does the system keep accounts that has a balance or will that account assume the right balance if you have it set up in the new chart of accounts as being part of a sub account

QuickBooks Team


It depends on the method used when importing the file, lrhmail451.


If you're importing data using an Excel file, you're given these options when duplicate elements are detected:


  • Prompt and let me decide
  • Keep existing data and discard import data
  • Replace existing data with import data, ignoring blanks fields
  • Replace existing data with import data, including blanks fields

Follow these steps to access these options:


  1. Go back to your Chart of Accounts.
  2. Click Account at the bottom, then select Import from Excel.
  3. Under the Set up Import tab, click Browse to look for the file that you'll be importing.
  4. Proceed to the Preferences tab. 
  5. Select between the four options I've mentioned above.
  6. Proceed to account mapping and importing the file.

Let me share this article with you for additional details: Import or export MS Excel files.


If you're using an IIF file, QuickBooks will detect that part of the list you're importing is a duplicate line and will be either be added as a separate line or rejected. Please see these articles for more details:


Reach out to us again anytime you have other concerns or follow-up questions when updating your Chart of Accounts. We'd love to jump right in and offer our help again.

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