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Indiana county tax for multiple counties snafu

When our company's QB was set up, there were only a few employees, all from the same county.  The county tax was set up as {CountyName1}, and the tax type was "IN- Counties Tax".


As the company has grown we now have employees in different counties and we have had to create User-Defined payroll items for the other counties.  When we set up a new employee residing in CountyName2, etc., QB asks if that employee is subject to "IN-Counties Tax".  If we answer Yes, it adds {CountyName1} in addition to the user-defined county of residence.


We would like to get this straightened up and have all of the counties that we need as part of the IN-Counties Tax, but with their unique withholding percentages.  There is no way we can find to edit the payroll item type "IN-Counties Tax".  


We would appreciated any help that anyone can provide on this.

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QuickBooks Team

Indiana county tax for multiple counties snafu

I recognize the significance of including an alternative county and a distinct withholding percentage for the item in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT), Sparky6040.


Currently, the capability to add a different county in QBDT is unavailable, and you can only assign one percentage per item. Exploring third-party applications that provide options for different counties and percentages per item could be a viable alternative.


You can visit this link to look at applications: Apps for QuickBooks Desktop.


I can see the importance of having this option for your business. With that, I suggest sending feedback to our product developers so they can review it and might consider adding this in our future updates. Please refer to the steps below:


  1. Go to the Help menu, then select the Send Feedback Online option.
  2. Select Product Suggestion. A pop-up window appears.
  3. Type in your feedback suggestion.
  4. Click the Send Feedback button.


Please click the Reply button below or post in the Community again if you have further questions about QuickBooks-related concerns. We're always here to assist you. Have a nice day!

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