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Level 2

Intuit Data Protect

How can I delete the backup file stored in Intuit Data Protect service?  This service was running without my knowledge and automatically backing up everything in my document folder.  I don't want to use this service and I want to erase what was uploaded to Intuit's system without my knowledge.  I had disabled it but I need to make sure that my files are erased from Intuit server.  I don't understand why Intuit offers this service automatically and backing up my files without my consent.  I'm frustrated and angry that I feel like Intuit is trying to hijack my computer.  This is ridiculous.

QuickBooks Team

Intuit Data Protect

Hello there, @EK99.


I don't want you to feel this way and this isn't the type of service we want you to experience. I want to address your concern on this matter and provide you the steps on how to delete the back up file. I'll show you how:


  1. Right-click the Data Protect icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Press Ctrl + R on your keyboard. This opens a screen where you can delete backed up files.
  3. Select Delete after the computation of the size.
  4. Select Yes to confirm you want to permanently delete the backup folder.
  5. Hit OK to finish.

Please take note, once you delete the backup folders, you can no longer recover them.


Also, you can change the backup settings of your Intuit Data Protect. This way, you can add or remove files from your backup set and change your email notification preferences. 


Here's how:


  1. Open Intuit Data Protect.
  2. Select Change backup settings.
  3. On the Select QuickBooks Data window, choose the files you want to backup, then select Continue.
  4. On the Notifications Email Settings window, choose whether to be notified or not then tap Continue.
  5. Choose your back up time then Continue.
  6. Click Continue to save the changes.


For more info about the steps I've shared above, please click these articles:



I've added these resources that can help you manage your Intuit Data Protect Backup in QuickBooks:



Please add a comment below if you have additional concerns or any questions. I'm more than happy to help. Have a good one!



Level 2

Intuit Data Protect

This does not solve my issue.  I right-clicked on Data Protect icon and pressing Ctrl+R does not do anything.  Right-clicking will show the menu "About Intuit Data Protect", "Open Intuit Data Protect" or "Exit Intuit Data Protect."  Additionally, "Open Intuit Data Protect" only shows the list of backed up files but no further action can be taken such as deleting these files.


This service should be only optional by the users and should not backup the files on the computer by default.  

Level 2

Intuit Data Protect

Right-click on the Intuit Data Protect icon and pressing Ctrl+R does nothing.  The only thing I see when I right-click on the icon is "About Intuit Data Protect", ""Open Intuit Data Protect", and "Exit Intuit Data Protect."


This service should only be set as optional by users and the users must give consent to store the personal information outside.  It shouldn't backup anything by default (the app should not automatically start but the user must physically setup and enable such feature if they wanted to use it).  Very disappointed by Intuit.  Feels like Intuit is trying to steal my information.

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