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I need to vent about 2 revolving ACH withdrawals on my bank account for YEARS and every time I call for an explanation of these charges, I get the runaround and have never been able to get the assistance I need in order to run my company to the best of my knowledge and experience. This relationship part of running a business has been frustrating.

I have been in business for over 40 years and have been successful (mostly). In that timespan, I have had several bookkeepers inquire these withdrawals/deductions and each time I've called, I was put on several lengthy holds and was told that there would be a follow-up call because the process is very involved. They said I would get a call from the billing dept... lo and behold, another dead end and it would go unresolved for more time.

These charges have accumulated to ~$3,000 and my health is declining (Cancer, heart attack and open-heart surgery) - I was told that there is a NO REFUND policy despite never approving the charges and never receiving an authorization allowing these recurring charges from my account.

I have never in all of my years of dealing with clients, owners, vendors, and suppliers NOT be able to resolve a problem. How does a company charge a customer TWO monthly fees WITHOUT rendering a service? I consider this unauthorized usage of my checking account and demand that this is resolved! This is unreal and unprofessional, to say the least.

I had considered updating my program to the current one and even paid for it. Since hearing that they would not refund ANY of my money, I cancelled the order. Since then (February 2019) they STILL have not issued the refund on my credit card!

I ended up calling my bank and had to have them block all future attempted deductions and called my credit card company to dispute the charges since INTUIT does not know how to resolve these problems. How unreal is this?

They are taking advantage of small companies and not doing the right thing when trying to handle situations similar to mine. How can they have a good standing with the Better Business Bureau when they do things like this?

I will put in a formal complaint with them so other small businesses do not have to suffer as I have. If anyone is a small business owner, I hope you read this and educate and protect yourself.


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I would like to know what the fee is for as well.  I work for 2 small businesses and they get charged this monthly fee as well and it would be nice to know what the fee is for.  If you get an answer I would like to know.

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It means "Intuit Payment Solutions Transaction Fees" So, probably an account like Banking Fees or Merchant Account Fees. See more at:
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