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Inventory Adjustment via IIF



I need to make inventory adjustments and need to keep track by day, would like to see the adjustments transactions.


I know I can do it manually, but will take a lot of time, I can extract the data from another systems.


is the a way to import this data via iif?

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QuickBooks Team

Inventory Adjustment via IIF

Hello there, @MySoft.


Thank you for choosing QuickBooks POS as your accounting software. I can share some insights about inventory adjustment.


Currently, importing your data via iif is not an option. You can import and export information in your file using MS Excel. It's imperative you follow the templates and formats to prevent errors when updating or transferring a data file.


If you want to try the available workaround, you can check this article for your guide: Import and Export overview.


I want you to know that your voice matters and I'm submitting feedback on your behalf. I also recommend you sending this request straight to our product engineers. Sharing features and options that you would like implemented is how our engineers look for new product updates. Just go to Help menu and choose Send feedback.


Let me know if you have other inventory or importing questions, MySoft. Please know that I'm just a comment away. Have a blissful day ahead.

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Inventory Adjustment via IIF

Hi MySoft,


QuickBooks POS does not have a built in way to import Inventory Quantity Adjustments from either a Excel or IIF file.  There is another alternative is to use a third party data import utility for QuickBooks Point of Sale like Zed Axis (I am the publisher of)  It can take a text or Excel file of Items and associated New Quantities and import them in batch directly into QuickBooks Point of Sale as New Quantity Adjustments.    You can find out more about it in the Intuit App store


Hope that give you another option.



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