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Inventory Assemblies with Sub-Contractor

Hello -


Here is what I am trying to do. In the manufacturing process, I have created raw materials (RM) in inventory items, then to move the inventory through my manufacturing process, I have take parts of materials and created sub-assemblies. There are multiple processes before the finished goods are ready to be sold.



1. Assembly 1: RM 1 and RM 2

2. Assembly 2: Assembly 1 and RM 3

3. Assembly 3: Assembly 2 and some work is done by sub-contractor

4. Assembly 4: Assembly 3 and RM 4

5. Assembly: final product to be sold.


Question: how to manage step 3, where the inventory can be shown to which sub-contractor, i have given the job to.


I do need to show the amount of inventory i have given to the sub and the amount I have from the job completion from the sub.


any help would be appreciated.



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Inventory Assemblies with Sub-Contractor

It's a pleasure to have you in our forum, @Nitin123,


Thanks for the in-depth explanation about what's going on. We're currently unable to assign inventories and assemblies to sub-contractors in QuickBooks Desktop. When you assemble products in the system, you only assign the components needed to create a new unique item.


While the preference you're looking for is currently unavailable, you can add a description to the items done by the sub-contractors in the Item List. See this:


To learn more about assemblies in QuickBooks Desktop, see the following articles:

If you have any questions about this topic or anything about QuickBooks, let me know by leaving a comment below. I'll be right here to help whenever you need it. All the best!

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