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Dear Team,


Hope you are doing good!


What does this pop-up in QB Enterprise Desktop means? (It occurs while selecting "Save & Close" in Adjustment Inventory)


POP-UP: Quantity of Items have changed while you are making the adjustment. would you like to continue with the adjustment?


Why this pop-up occurs? Will it affect the Adjusted Inventory of particular Items of a Warehouse? Should I click YES or NO?


What happens while clicking YES? Also what happens while clicking NO?


Thank You.

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QuickBooks Team


Hi there, @Bagya1111. I've got the answer you're looking for regarding the inventory adjustments prompt.


When making an inventory adjustment, it updates the number of items and/or their value. The popup message verifies to save the information you've entered. You'll need to click YES to proceed.


You may also find this article handy for setting up multiple locations for tracking inventory: Multiple Inventory Sites.


The Community will always have your back should you need further assistance with managing your items, @Bagya1111. It's our pleasure to help.

Level 2


I did not come across this pop-up, while adjusting Warehouse Inventory in evening hours (i.e.,) when the WH remains closed.


Should I assume that, when WH picks up the Items at the same time when i adjust their Inventory, this pop up occurs?


please confirm.


Yet, I need the answer for WHY / HOW this pop-up occurs?




Candice C
QuickBooks Team


Good afternoon, @Bagya1111


Thanks for coming back to us on this thread. 


For more of a detailed explanation about the pop-up and why it occurs, I suggest getting in touch with our Customer Support Team. They'll be able to review your account and see why this is specifically being brought up, plus, what steps would be next for you. Here's how: 



  1. Go to the Help menu. 
  2. Click the QuickBooks Desktop Help option. 
  3. Tap the Contact Us hyperlink. 
  4. Enter your question and press Let's talk
  5. Scroll down and pick to Get a callback


It's that simple! 


Feel free to reach back out and let us know how the call went. Have a wonderful day! 

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