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Which of your products you recommend to manage a catering business where inventory control and cost is a top issue


Re: Inventory

Hello RafaPonceDeLeon,

Thanks for using QuickBooks.


We're glad to introduce versions of QuickBooks that have inventory tracking feature. Please see the links below to view the product comparison. You may also want to reach out to our sales team by contacting the phone number on the page. They'll be able to help you choose the best plan for your business. 

Please don't hesitate to post more questions. We'll be right here to help. 



Super Explorer ***

Re: Inventory

Hi there,  

Well, the cheapest option would certainly be to get set up with QuickBooks Online and then find a 3rd party tool to handle all your inventory needs. There’s a lot of solutions on the QuickBooks app store such as Katana, which is a smart workshop software that:   

  • Integrates with your QuickBooks account; 
  • Synchronizes inventory to give you real-time level readings;  
  • Generate bills and invoices in Katana and push it into QuickBooks; and 
  • Helps you manage your finished and raw material inventory.  

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