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IOS iPad Pro using QuickBooks online: Uploading PDF failed, try again later.

I’m using a brand new iPad Pro and running the QuickBooks online from the downloaded applications. I’m trying to attach PDF files from OneDrive to my invoices. All of my applications are updated in the Apple store. I have been utilizing OneDrive and opening/editing PDF files as well. I am connected to cellular service and Wi-Fi service and I have tried utilizing each independently to upload the PDF. Once I attempt to upload I get an error that says something like “upload file error try again later”. In QuickBooks, I found a setting regarding uploading PDFs and I made sure it was clicked on. I thought this would resolve the area and it did not. Before I had my iPad I used a very old Microsoft surface and was able to upload these very same PDFs in the same fashion without any problems. Please help! Thank you for the time!
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QuickBooks Team

IOS iPad Pro using QuickBooks online: Uploading PDF failed, try again later.

I can help you get past this error, nick-hunter-lift. 


Let’s run some basic troubleshooting steps to get the app in working order.


We’ll have to use the Refresh Data option to start fresh and download updates or apply recent changes on the application. I’m here to guide you through the process.


  1. In the QuickBooks Online (QBO) app:
  2. Go to the Hamburger menu ☰ and choose Help & Feedback.
  3. Click Refresh Data and tap Yes to confirm the action.
  4. Then select Refresh.


In your iPhone:


  1. Click the General menu to see your device’s settings.  
  2. Navigate to the iPhone Storage and pick an app that’s taking a lot of space.
  3. Press Offload App to free up the storage without deleting the documents and data for the app.

If the issue persists, uninstall and reinstall the app to start on a clean. Also, this will fix the unexpected behavior you’re experiencing on your mobile device.


I also suggest opening QBO via the browser and upload attachments to invoice. To get the best results when utilizing the mobile app, you can follow the tips found in this article: QuickBooks Online access for mobile devices.


I'm adding this article for more information and tips when doing the process: Attachments in QuickBooks Online


Leave a comment below if you need help managing invoices in QuickBooks Online. I'm just a few clicks away.

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