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Is there a way to see previous years 1099's in quickbooks online

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Is there a way to see previous years 1099's in quickbooks online

Hello @rianafarria-gmai,


Welcome aboard to the Community. I can help you access previously filed 1099s in QuickBooks Online.


You can access archived or filed forms you've processed within QuickBooks. I suggest you go through the usual steps of preparing 1099s and manually select the tax year.


Please follow these steps:


  1. From QuickBooks Online, navigate to the Expenses tab and the Vendors section.
  2. Click Prepare 1099's. Either follow the on-screen instructions until your reach Step 5.
  3. Assuming you're on step 5, click the I'll file myself button.
  4. On the Print 1099s page, select the Tax Year on the drop-down menu.
  5. Ensure the 1099 form is selected.
  6. Select Print sample on blank paper.
  7. On the print preview page, you can either proceed with printing the forms, or download a PDF copy.


If you can't view forms from older tax years and filed previously within QBO, please reach out to our dedicated support team for 1099 E-File Service. They'll need to take over and assist you with the forms.


Our Customer Support Team for QuickBooks Online Payroll - Core, Premium is available from 6 AM - 6 PM PT (Monday - Friday). For QuickBooks Full Service Payroll, QuickBooks Online Payroll Elite/Premium, any time, any day.


Here's how:


  1. Click the Help tab in the upper-right corner.
  2. Go to the Assistant tab.
  3. Click Get help from a human.
  4. Choose Chat with us or Have us call you.


For additional reference, I've attached an article you can check out to know more about how to check filing status in QuickBooks: Create and file 1099s using QuickBooks Online.


Fill me in if you need assistance viewing the 1099 forms or accessing old data. The Community and I are always ready to help.

Community Champion

Is there a way to see previous years 1099's in quickbooks online


These steps retrieve the actual 1099's filed? It doesn't seem like it.


It seems like you're suggesting creating the forms again, and if that's the case the user will only get the same results if everything is the same as it was when they first created the forms. If any data has changed, for example, they won't get the same results.  The vendor name and address could change, their 1099 status could change. The transactions could have been re-coded to different accounts, or deleted. If any of these things would change the results, then your answer doesn't answer the OP's question.

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