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Locate QBW file based on QBB data

Need some help with this one.


The hard drive on a computer got messed up, however, we have online backups. At some point, the QBW file was moved to someplace other than the default location. We do have a QBB file that was made after the QBW. However, the QBB is very old. Is there some way to use the QBB file to find out where the QBW was located so that we can find it in our online backups?



QuickBooks Team

Locate QBW file based on QBB data

Hi there, QuickK9.


Currently, QuickBooks Desktop doesn't have the option to use the QBB file to find where the QBW is located.


However, I suggest opening or restoring the company from the File menu to look for this file through a different directory. Or use the Search tool from the Windows Start menu to search for this file on your computer.


This normally happens if your computer is disconnected from the path where the QuickBooks file is located or your QuickBooks file has been deleted from your computer.


If you are accessing your QuickBooks file over the network, ping server to ensure you are connected to the network. This way, you are checking if your computer is connected to your network. This is best done on a client workstation to ensure it can access the server.


Here's how:


1. Identify the name of your server computer.


  • On your keyboard, press the Windows logo+R.

  • Enter CMD then click OK.

  • Enter ipconfig /all then press Enter.

  • Remember the Host Name (servername).


2. Type ping [name of your server] then press Enter.

3. You'll see a reply for each packet.

  • If you see a reply for each packet, it means your computer is connected to your network.

  • If you'll see a packet loss or a slow reply, your network should be diagnosed by a qualified IT professional.

If you are connected to your network and still getting the same issue, search for all company files. Go to your server computer and perform a wild card search for all company files by typing one of the following into the search bar:


Take note to include the Asterisk (*) before the extension type to ensure the search works correctly.


  • *.qbw (Working Files)

  • *.qbb (Back Up Files)

  • *.qba (Accountants Copy Files)

  • *.qbx (Accountants Transfer Files)

  • *.qby (Accountants Change Files)


Once the file is found, make a note of the file's Location and open the your file in QuickBooks. If the file is not found, I recommend contacting an IT professional to help locate the file.


Please check this article on how to open your file in QuickBooks depending on the type of your QuickBooks file:Company file is missing or cannot be found.


You may refer to this article what are common file types and extensions you may see in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows: File types and extensions used by QuickBooks Desktop.


Please know that you're always welcome to post if you have any other concerns. Wishing you and your business continued success.

Level 15

Locate QBW file based on QBB data

Try restore your QBB file and it may find any similar file to replace.

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