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Memorized transaction assigns check numbers when ACH

I would love to use the reminders to enter  my regular transactions but many of my items are ACH or draft transactions. QuickBooks always assumes they are checks and automatically assigns a check number when it puts it in the ledger and I have to remember to delete it or the next time I print checks my numbers are off. Which is an extra step. There should be some way to just prior to entering it or in set up to indicate (it is not a check).  There should be someway to enter an ACH  or draft. Any suggestions?

QuickBooks Team

Memorized transaction assigns check numbers when ACH

Welcome to the Community, @Chiromom.


At this time, QuickBooks will automatically assign check numbers even the transactions are ACH or draft.


I can see how seamless your work will be if you can enter transactions for ACH alone. However, the best that we can consider right now is to delete those ACH transactions as what you've performed.


But I want to let you know that your voice matters and I'm submitting feedback directly to our product engineers for consideration. For now, you can visit our blog site so you'll be able to get the latest news about QuickBooks and what our Product Care Team is working on. 


Please keep in touch if there's anything else I can do to help you succeed with QuickBooks. I've got your back. Have a great day!

Level 2

Memorized transaction assigns check numbers when ACH

I made this suggestion over 8 years ago and feel like we are no closer to a solution. By having this limitation in the  software it makes this page no more than a pop up reminder to pay bills for people who do drafts and automatic transactions. People as well as businesses are migrating away from CHECKS and have been for years it would seem this would be a priority. I used to purchase new QuickBooks software every 3 years but now pay a huge fee every year because of the subscription program. In the work that I do I see no benefit other than online backups and would assume some of this money would be going into R&D and fixing antiquated features in the software. When you go into the memorized transaction there are fields that you populate with your preferences. It would make sense to have a box there to indicate your payment mode for each transaction and if you select ach/draft the system wouldn't assign it a check number. Thank you for listening and for replying back to me and I would appreciate you sharing with the Team.

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