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Missing payroll date

Currently I have 5 clients using desktop payroll on QB2023.  The payroll information for the time period 5/223 to 5 2024 is  missing on one client..   It was there three weeks ago.  I have spent hours with tech support and and they have done nothing positive for me.  My concerns are:


     Only one company has an issue

      I restored a compnay backu p from April and that backup is also missing the information.

This would indicate to me that th issue is with the specific compnay file.  As the datea is mission for a year I tend to feel that there is an sissue with their subscription,  

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QuickBooks Team

Missing payroll date

I appreciate you for the detailed information, Ronnie.


Let's ensure you'll be able to find the missing client and missing information in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


Based on the data you provided, it would seem that this issue can be specific to the company file of your client. I suggest collaborating with your client to let them perform Verify and Rebuild data in his own QBDT version.


The verify tool situates the most common problems in a company file, and the rebuild tool fixes them. To do so, follow the steps below:


  1. Go to Window, then select Close All.
  2. Go to File, then choose Utilities.
  3. Select Verify Data. If you see:
  • QuickBooks detected no problems with your data — your data is secure, so you don't need to do anything else.
  • If you see an error message – you can search on our QBDT support site to learn how to fix it.
  • If your data has lost integrity – damage to your data was found in the file and we have to rebuild your data.


To rebuild the company file data, please follow the steps provided below:


  1. Go to File, then select Utilities.
  2. Click on Rebuild Data.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions, then press OK.
  4. Select the place where you want your backup file to be saved, then tap OK.
  5. Enter a new name in the File name. Click Save.


For detailed information, you can check this article: Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop.


For future reference, you can check this article to help you import or export info: Import and export data in QBDT.


In case you have any follow-up questions regarding the missing payroll date or anything else related to QuickBooks, feel free to ask me. I'm always here to help you, Ronnie. Take care!

Level 1

Missing payroll date

This did not help - Still missing a year of payroll data.  


I had asked about setting a new payroll code but support did not approve

Level 1

Missing payroll date

Your suggestions did not work.  I am still missing exactly a year of payroll data.  

I had suggested trying a new payroll service code.  

My lastest from support was there was nothing they could do.   



QuickBooks Team

Missing payroll date

I recognize the importance of having all the details of your payroll data, RonnieBee.


I know you've already reached out to our Payroll support about this issue, but I still suggest contacting them again. They have the necessary tools to check your account internally and can provide steps to help fix this.


Here's how:


  1. Select QuickBooks Desktop  Help from the Help menu.
  2. Click Contact Us.
  3. Type in a short description of your concern, then Continue.
  4. Choose a way to connect with support.


I'll be right here to support you throughout this process. If you have any other questions related to payroll or any aspect of QuickBooks Desktop, feel free to ask. Your success is my priority.

Level 1

Missing payroll date

More time as gone by and nothing is resolved.  I still have a client whose payroll information for exactly 1 year is missing and I will shortly have to recreate the second quarter along with the 3 prior quarters.  



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