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Moving QB Desktop 2021 with Payroll to new PC

I do the IT work for several customers who use QB Desktop Pro 2021 in Multi-User. One of those customers is also running Payroll Basic. We're in the process of replacing both of the Quickbooks PC's, the QB server and client for use in Mult-User Mode. 

I've read that the Migrator tool does not copy the Payroll configuration and data to the new PC so I'm planning on installing QB on both PCs and setting up Multi-User and using the QBB file to restore the company file on the server. 


Does the QBB backup file contain everything that is needed to restore the company file AND all necessary payroll configuration and information to the new PC? 


If not, what needs to be done to ensure that payroll works and no data is lost?


Thanks,, Dave


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QuickBooks Team

Moving QB Desktop 2021 with Payroll to new PC

Welcome you to the Community space, Dave. It's our pleasure to provide you with information regarding backing up files in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


I understand how it feels when you've been circling to resolve the encountered issue. We want to ensure you have a better experience than this. Thus, I'm here to provide all the necessary information to rectify your concerns.


To begin, may I ask if you encounter any errors when creating a backup of your company file? If not, let's first confirm that you can view and locate the external drive on your computer.


If confirmed, you can also create a backup copy of the company file save it to a local folder in your computer, and copy it to the external drive. Here's how:


  1. In your QBDT company, go to the File menu and select Switch to Single-user Mode.
  2. After that, go back to the File menu again and hover over Back up Company. Then, select Create Local Backup.
  3. In the window, click Local Backup and then Next.
  4. From there, select Browse and select a local folder you want to save your backup company file.
  5. This runs a test to ensure your backup file is in good shape before you save.
  6. Once done, select OK.
  7. Click Save it now and Next. You'll get a confirmation message once done.
  8. After that, move or copy the backup data to your external drive.


On the other hand, you can also use a different external drive when creating a backup. Might be that the current one you're using caused the issue. 


Additionally, we recommend backing up your company file regularly to safeguard your data. You have to move it first to your local hard drive before restoring it.


I'll add these resources that contain fix general problems when your company file won't open and how to back up your QuickBooks files and folders using Intuit Data protect:



I am always here to help in case you have any concerns about creating backups for your company files. Please feel free to let me know in your reply. Have a great day!

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Moving QB Desktop 2021 with Payroll to new PC

Thanks for  you suggestions. 

I run nightly automatic backups to a second hard drive and also automatically create dated zip files of the company file. This is all done in Multi-User mode. I now remember that while in Multi-User that full verification does not run while backing up. I'll do that manually to make sure the company file is good. 


That doesn't answer my basic question of making sure that Payroll is totally backed up in the QBB file. Or put another way, can I restore my QBB file and expect all of my Payroll information to be accurately restored?


Thank you ,, Dave

QuickBooks Team

Moving QB Desktop 2021 with Payroll to new PC

Hi there, Dave. I understand you want to confirm if restoring the QBB file will accurately restore all the payroll information.


Before anything else, please know that when you back up company files, it saves everything currently in your company file. However, it doesn't back up your payroll forms. You can print or save them to your hard drive on the brighter side.


If you need your accountant to edit the payroll tax forms you've started, send the folder containing all your saved payroll forms. If you use QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll, you can keep them as PDFs.


  1. Open the Windows Start menu.
  2. Search for and open File Explorer.
  3. Browse your computer for this folder: [your company name] Tax Forms. This folder has all of your payroll data.
  4. Save the entire folder and send it to your accountant. You'll also need to send them your backup company file.
  5. Your accountant needs to put the Tax Forms folder in the same folder as your company file after they restore it.
  6. When done reviewing, ask them to copy and send the Tax Forms folder back to you. Follow the same steps on your computer to open up the updated forms. 


Once you restore your company file, your payroll forms will be restored accurately.


Moreover, you can visit our Help pages. Some articles provide detailed instructions and guidelines that can assist you in managing QuickBooks Desktop more efficiently. 


You can return here whenever you need assistance or information regarding backing up of data. Kindly click the reply button below and enter your queries. I'm always here to support you. 

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Moving QB Desktop 2021 with Payroll to new PC

Thanks very much.  I'll meet with my customer tomorrow and go over  your suggestions. 


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