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Multi Currency

Hi, I have a question... We use different currencies for issue or receive invoices. Some are in CHF some in USD some in EUR. When we receive the payment of a client in another currency than CHF i noticed that quickbooks automatically calculate the exchange rate. But we do balances every months so to reflect the correct balance of a client before the payment we need to make an adjustment. (Example: If we have an invoice with date 25/04/19 for USD 1000 that remains unpaid on 30th April 2019 (Mensual balance) we need to adjust the balance of that client to the exchange rate that day. Then we receive payment on 07/05/19 Quickbooks automatically calculate the exchange rate between the USD 1000 valued at day of the invoice with USD 1000 valued at the payment day. The adjustment that i make to show the correct balance for that client at 30th April remains as a pending balance).


So the question is there is any possibilty to turn off the option of Quickbooks doing automatic exchange rate at payment? If there is, how is it possible?


Thanks so much,


Rodrigo Posada

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Multi Currency

Hi there, rposada.


Thanks for taking the time to visit the Community. I'm here to provide some information on your question about turning off the exchange rate at payment when using multicurrency.


According to a QuickBooks Online guide, "Creating multicurrency transactions is like creating regular transactions. Every transaction

includes an exchange rate which can be edited. However, the exchange rate should be current and editing is not required."


It is possible for the exchange rate to be edited but it can't be turned off. The guide I have for you is labeled for Canada but I think you'll still find it helpful. You can check it out here: Take a look at page 3 for more information about exchange rates.


I wish you and your business continued success. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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