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New Company File

I created a new company file and I need to move unpaid invoices from the old file to the new file. I also need to ensure that any invoice that was not paid by 12/31/2021 is on that excel file as well. Is there a report that I can export to excel from the old company and import to the new company file?


The reason I created a new company file is because there were 3 companies combined into one; I need one file for each company in order to ensure financials are correct. 


Thank you for your time.

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New Company File

There's nothing built into QuickBooks that can help you copy transactions from one company file to another.  However, you can use our BRC Transaction Copier  to do this.


It includes filters/settings that can help you get transactions that you want, such as by transaction type and by paid status. It can't figure out the invoices that weren't paid as of a particular date in the past, but you can use it to pull all of the paid invoices in a date range and then manually remove the unwanted ones and transfer the rest to the destination company file.

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New Company File


If you are not familiar with IIF, utilize this migration tool with the one time license.


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