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Payment method

How do I get the Payment Method to show on the invoice again?  I had it on there and then I did some customizing, and now it's gone and I don't see an option to put it back on the invoice.  I even tried using a custom name, but it didn't connect with that field.


Also, is there a way to have the customer's e-mail address and phone number included as well?





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QuickBooks Team

Payment method

Thanks for reaching out to the Community, Camate60. I'd be more than happy in guiding you through how to add custom fields to an invoice template.

To start, you'll need to access your Custom form styles page and create a style.

Here's how:

  1. Use your Gear (⚙️) icon, then click Custom form styles.
  2. Utilize the New style ▼ drop-down menu and choose Invoice.
  3. Access your Content tab.
  4. Hit the top section's Pencil (✏️) icon.
  5. In your Display area, press the + Custom field option.
  6. Enter your customizations as necessary.
  7. Tick each available checkbox for the fields you'd like displayed on your form.
  8. Click Done.
  9. Under the ACTION column, use your ▼ drop-down arrow for the appropriate template, then select Make default.

Now your default invoice style will be set up for recording a customer's payment method, email address, and phone number when creating them.

I've included a useful resource about creating/managing custom fields that may come in handy moving forward: Create & edit custom fields

If there's any additional questions, I'm just a post away. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Level 1

Payment method

Thanks for responding, but I guess I didn't make myself clear enough.


Regarding the payment method, I have a sales receipt that I printed that has the payment method on there.  My question is, why can't I get that back?  I never made a custom field to begin with and I don't want to have to write in the information.  It was on there automatically to begin with.  Why did it go away.


And regarding the phone and e-mail, I want to have the information as part of my customer identification field.  Again, I don't want to have to write it in if they do it when they order online.




Payment method

Thanks for posting here again, @Camate60,


I can share some steps to add the Payment Method field in your Sales Receipt template. Follow the steps below:


  1. Tap the Gear icon and choose Custom Form Styles.
  2. Find the sales receipt template from the list and press Edit.
  3. Go to the Content  tab and click on the top or header section of the template on the right.
  4. Under Display, mark the box beside Payment method.
  5. Click Done after.

If you're unable to find this option, try accessing your QBO account in Incognito mode. This will help check if this issue is caused by the large data in the cache. Your browsing activity will constantly overwrite itself without deleting the old stuff which often cause problems with QuickBooks functions.


The private window will not save any history making it a good place to identify browser problems. To start Incognito mode, use these keyboard shortcuts:

  • Google Chrome: press Ctrl Shift N  
  • Mozilla Firefox: press Ctrl Shift P
  • Safari: press Command Shift N

Now, try doing the same steps and see if it works. If it does, clear the browser's cache. This will help delete the history, so you can start in a clean slate. 


However, if the problem persists, I would recommend reaching out to our Live Support Team. Our agents can help you create an open investigation on why this is happening.


To contact us, click the following link: Contact Payments Support.


Let me know what happens after trying out the steps. I'll be waiting for your response on this so I can help you further. Have a good one!

Level 1

Payment method

I did as you instructed and the payment method is still not appearing on any of my invoices or sales receipts.


I'm using the classic layout, which allows me to enter SKU #s, that's important to us, but I don't know why the payment method was there one minute and totally gone the next.


Asking for assistance.


Thank you.


Payment method

@Camate60, so odd that it isn't showing up on the Sales Receipt!

It should show up on the Sales Receipt, but it will not show up on the invoice itself.


I would love to try some troubleshooting with you to see if we can make some magic.


First, I want you to;

  • Log out of your QuickBooks account
  • Clear the cache and cookies for your web browser.
  • Then log back into your QuickBooks account

Let me know if that helped.


If not, also try incognito on your web browser to see if that makes any difference.


If none of those work, please let me know so I can continue to dig into this for you! :)

I hope to hear back from you soon.

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