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Picking/Shipping Transferring Items to Different Sites

Hello,  I'm fairly new to QuickBooks Enterprise with the Enhanced Inventory System.  I just started learning it a few days ago and I have some questions that hopefully someone could answer.

Our company creates kiosks and we like to track some of the items and their serial numbers within those kiosks.  We have a main site call it M1 where all of our inventory resides, I was able to create Purchase Orders and send those to a Warehouse User for receiving.  When we create these kiosks it's essentially a build, but different in the sense that we also want to track the items that go into those kiosks.  So I figured it would only make sense to create these kiosks as individual sites which can hold the items assigned to them.


I would like to transfer items from M1 to an individual kiosk through the Picking/Shipping module using a Sales Order but I don't think there is a way that these items transfer to those sites by doing that, unless I'm missing something.  The only way I could see this as possible is to use the Transfer Inventory module from M1 to the kiosk being built, but I think that makes it a slower process.


Sorry for the long post, but if anyone has any suggestions or knows of a way that I could do this through the Picking/Shipping module that would be great! Thanks.

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QuickBooks Team

Picking/Shipping Transferring Items to Different Sites

Welcome to the community RTIMichael.

You're on the right track. Setting up each site was the first step. To transfer inventory from a bin location to a site, you'd want to make use of the Advanced Inventory feature.

We have a helpful article for setting up advanced inventory, which details in step 4 how to transfer inventory from one site to another.

If you follow the steps in that article, you'll be able to transfer items from the main site to other sites.
However, if you have any further questions, just let me know and I'll be here to help out.

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Picking/Shipping Transferring Items to Different Sites

I understand how to transfer inventory from one site to another, but I was just wondering if there is a way that it could automatically do that when Picking.  As of right now it looks like you can only Pick items from a sales order, and once that is complete it doesn't really transfer items anywhere.

QuickBooks Team

Picking/Shipping Transferring Items to Different Sites

Hi there, @RTIMichael.

Currently, the automatic transfer of inventory is unavailable. As mentioned by my colleague above, you can manually transfer the item from one site to another.


Here's how:

  1. Go to the Inventory menu, choose the Transfer Inventory.
  2. In the Date field, enter the date of the transfer. 
  3. in the Reference No. field, enter the appropriate transfer number. 
  4. From the Transfer from the drop-down, select your temporary inventory site.
  5. Select the To drop-down, select the actual inventory site.
  6. Choose the inventory items to transfer from the site.
  7. In the Qty to Transfer column, enter the number to transfer for each item.
  8. Choose Save & New. When finished, select Save & Close.


Please check these articles about the inventory functions in QuickBooks Desktop:


Should you need anything else, please let me know. I'll be around to help.

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Picking/Shipping Transferring Items to Different Sites

Hello ZackE,


Thanks for the responses about Setting up advanced inventory.  I am learning how to do use this feature as well. I have a client that does the following: (1) Client creates PO for 3rd Party Manufacturers (2) 3rd Party Manufacturer makes products and holds inventory at their warehouse (3) Inventory is then taken down over months (period of time) (4) Items are received at Client's Location and Item Receipt and Bill is created. 


Goal: Client would like to track inventory at 3rd Party manufacturers and treat them as a warehouse or site. Articles appear to say this is possible, but none are clear how to do that. Or, is it better to just use the Purchase Order item balances and quantities to determine "what is left" at the Manufacturers site? The issue with this last statement is that there might be 30 open purchase orders given the quantity of products made. So it would be nice to have a clean report by Site of the inventory available at each 3rd party manufacturer (Yes, there is more than one manufacturer) 


Picking/Shipping Transferring Items to Different Sites

Hi @BrilliantLegalSolutions,


I'm here to point you in the right direction for support about your query on how to proceed with setting up your advanced inventory. 


I suggest contacting an accounting professional to determine the quantity on hand for each inventory item per site that you have. This is to avoid any errors while you transition to the advanced inventory method of QuickBooks Desktop. If you don't have one, you also have the option to ask a QuickBooks ProAdvisor to help you out with this task. See this page for more details: Find a ProAdvisor


In case you encounter a negative inventory along the way, check out this article for steps on how to fix it: Fix negative inventory issues in QuickBooks Desktop. Other than the steps to resolve this issue, it also includes some tips on how to prevent it from happening again. 


Feel free to leave a comment below if you have other questions. I'll be around to help. 

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