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Poor Service from the Merchant Dept

A customer of ours has received their goods on Dec 6th,  2021 -signed delivery receipt was provide to QB. Due to an internal error, his commercial mixer was shipped without a safety guard.

We had a chat with the client and he agreed that we could send the missing guard over to him. The guard was shipped and received via UPS -delivery confirmation was sent to QB. In the meantime he charged back the TOTAL amount of the invoice: $8362.80.

We spoke to him shortly after learning about this and he agreed to withdraw the chargeback.

He never did. Talking to the dispute department of Quickbooks, they told me it would be several weeks before a decision is made [in the meantime the client has the goods AND the money] before the funds are released. Then we get a email from QB indicating they have decided in favor of the client. 

It simply means NO ONE TOOK THE TIME TO REVIEW THIS CASE PROPERLY, otherwise how can anyone possibly be stupid enough to let the client keep over $8K of company money AND keep the goods?

I called QB back to try to escalate this and I am yet to hear back. 

In the mean time I am engaging an attorney and signing up with another merchant processor who at least will give the customer enough time to review each case thoroughly. 

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QuickBooks Team

Poor Service from the Merchant Dept

I want to ensure you'll get the right support you need and won't go through the same experience again. Thus, I'm here to take care of your concern, support41. 


To securely verify your account, I highly suggest contacting them again. They have tools that can pull up and check your account in a secure environment.


Check out this link to get their most updated contact information: Contact Merchant Services Team.


Additionally, you can reference this article for a list of articles that you can read on Merchant Services frequently ask questions like funding status and managing payments account: QuickBooks Payments FAQ.


Please let me know the call goes by leaving a comment. I want to make sure this taken care of for you.

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Poor Service from the Merchant Dept

Update: Spoke to Nathalie who was sympathetic and also puzzled how this could happen. Sent an urgent message to the case reviewer. This was two days ago!

Any how the new merchant account is almost set up so we will not be processing anything through QB any more. My attorney has contacted the customer to find a solution to get our product back.

I wonder how much $$$ is lost through negligent customer service everyday. On the other hand customer service is not what one signs up with QB for.....

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Poor Service from the Merchant Dept

FYI, Still have not heard back from QB Merchant services. Utterly unacceptable [non-existent] customer service.

Level 1

Poor Service from the Merchant Dept

Wanted to give you an update on this case. After consulting an attorney and sending the customer several letters, we now have the goods back in our possession.

We also changed our merchant processor to ensure this level [lack of] customer service does not get repeated.

We paid almost $13K in credit card fees in 2021. This is money that QB has now lost due to their lack of care.

How many more clients are there out there like us?


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