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POS Customer Returns Report with Detail

If I do a z out report there is a summary of returns processed but I cannot seem to find a report or create a custom report that provides any detail for returns.  Since an employee could process a return and pocket the money it is important for me to be able to see which transactions created the returns to make sure they were valid.

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POS Customer Returns Report with Detail

What I do is select Sales History from the POS main menu.  Select "Yesterday" and click on the "Total" column to sort by total sale.  You can then see the negative transactions and investigate them.




POS Customer Returns Report with Detail

Hello there, @cwaligura.


Thanks for posting in the Community. I'm here to help run the report you need to show a summary of returns in QuickBooks Point of Sale.


Right now, the only report available that you can use to show this information is the Sales Detail report. Returns processed will show a negative amount on the Qty Sold column and will also show an amount enclosed by parenthesis.


Here's how you can run the report:


  1. Go to the report menu.
  2. Select Sales.
  3. Click Sales Detail.

I'm here to ensure your success, so please don't hesitate to post a response whenever you need further assistance. The Community has your back.


Peter Tebart
Level 1

POS Customer Returns Report with Detail

I have and use QB Point of Sales 2013

I have several returns in my Z-out closure Printout

but when checking in sales details I don't see any return or minus recorded

so I can check on the transaction

Any answer for that problem


QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

POS Customer Returns Report with Detail

Let's perform some troubleshooting steps to get the report data you need, Peter Tebart. 


You may experience this unexpected behavior if the report is filtered incorrectly or if there's a potential company file data damage. To resolve this, we can clear the report filters by following the steps below: 

  1. Run the report.
  2. From the Report window, select Modify.
  3. Select Revert to remove all filters applied on a report.
  4. Re-run the report then export it to excel.


We can also check for data issues by creating and exporting the report in a test file to verify if this unexpected behavior is file-specific. Here's how:

  1. From the File menu, select Company Operations.
  2. Choose Create a New Company.
  3. Enter the Company Name, then select Create.
  4. Once a test file is created, run the same report.


If you get the same result, follow Solution 3, if not, perform Solution 2 outlined in this article: Resolve common issues with Point of Sale Reports. If the same thing happens, try repairing the software to fix any damaged components. Just follow the steps and details in this article: Repair QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale. The steps provided may or may not work since you're using an outdated QuickBooks Point of Sale version. 


Feel free to browse this link here if you need help with other tasks in QuickBooks Point of Sale. It'll route you to our general topics with articles. 


Keep in touch if you need any more assistance with this, or there's something else I can do for you. I've got your back. You have a good one. 

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