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Posting Cryptocurrency transactions


I have a client that did cryptocurrency exchange using Coinbase, but the only information I have is the dollar amount they spent to do so. How do I properly record this transaction?

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QuickBooks Team

Posting Cryptocurrency transactions

Hi there, @SwensenCpa. I'll share some information on how you can record the cryptocurrency exchange in your QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).
To track and record your Cryptocurrency exchanges, QBO requires a third-party program. You can accomplish this by integrating applications with our program. Meanwhile, I'd recommend consulting your accountant if you wish to manually record your exchanges. They'll be able to provide you the best advice available.
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In case you need help performing specific features in QuickBooks. Please know that I'm just a click away. Rest assured, I can assist you anytime to improve your experience. Keep safe and have a good one!
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Posting Cryptocurrency transactions



Cryptocurrency is treated like property, so you need the client's basis (FMV as of the date of receipt) in the cryptocurrency they traded in order to calculate gain/loss.

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