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Printing partial checks, shifted left by 2.5 inches



I am having trouble getting QuickBooks for Mac 2016 to correctly print partial standard checks on my new printer (Xerox WorkCentre 3215).


I choose "Two" for "Checks on 1st Page" and "Centered" for "Partial Page". When I do this, the preview image correctly rotates to landscape view. Unfortunately, the way my printer works, the right edge of the checks has to be pulled into the printer first. So when the page comes out of the printer, the dollar amounts come out first and are printed first.


If I do a test page with a sheet of 8.5x11 plain paper, there is 2.5 inches of white space to the right of the dollar amounts on the checks. If I manually feed the partial checks into the printer, with the right edge going into the printer first, all of the text is printed 2.5 inches too far to the left on the check. The dollar amounts end up almost in the middle of the "pay to the order of" line.


So I think I either need to align the whole check to the right side of a landscape orientated 8.5x11 sheet (instead of being aligned to the left side as it currently is) or I suppose I could rotate the whole page 180 degrees so that it prints upside down and I would then feed the checks in the other way (left edge first). The X "Alignment" options won't allow for enough of a change to compensate for 2.5 inches.


I cannot use portrait orientation as a single check will get jammed in printer if it is put through portrait orientation.


Is there any way to handle this situation? I think I essentially need a centered landscape orientation for two/one partial check pages, but with the dollar amounts on the RIGHT side of the page instead of the left side.


UPDATE: My printer driver does have a "Reverse page orientation" option under under "Layout", but if I enable it, it immediately disables. I believe this is QuickBooks that is disabling it somehow? If I print the checks to a PDF document first, and then open the PDF document in the Preview app, I can then enable "Reserver page orientation" and the checks print perfectly. I'd like to avoid this additional step of printing to a PDF document first.


QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2016, Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5, Xerox WorkCenter 3215


Thanks in advance!


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Printing partial checks, shifted left by 2.5 inches

Hello there, JonMcL.


I appreciate you for providing the details of your concern. Let me help you align your checks correctly in QuickBooks Desktop.


To fix this, let’s perform these troubleshooting steps below. Let's start using the coarse adjustments. This is applicable if you are using checks, invoices, or forms purchased from Intuit. 


Here's an article you can refer to for the steps on how to resolve alignment issue for checks in QuickBooks Desktop: Align checks, invoices, and other forms.


Just so you need help from a live support, feel free to get in touch with our QuickBooks Desktop Mac Support. They have a screen sharing tool so they can take a closer look at your printer alignment issue.


Here's how you can contact our phone support: 

  1. Click this link:
  2. Select QuickBooks Mac Desktop.
  3. Type-in Technical Support on the search bar.
  4. And click Get the Phone number below.

That should do it. If you need anything else or more questions about printing checks, please feel free to come back and leave a comment below.

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Printing partial checks, shifted left by 2.5 inches

QuickBooks Mac isn't disabling anything in the printer dialog.  The printer driver must be doing it. I have no idea why but you could report it (and the other symptoms) to Xerox.

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