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QB for Mac 2019 upgrade options

What are my options to keep access to bank downloads WITHOUT moving to QBO? My mac currently runs Big Sur 11.6.4. QB for mac 2019 is perfect for my business but will stop allowing bank downloads in May 2022.

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QB for Mac 2019 upgrade options

Upgrade to QBD Mac Plus 2022 or purchase a one time license for QBD 2021 US Pro to run on Parallels.  

QuickBooks Team

QB for Mac 2019 upgrade options

It's nice to see you here in Community, @parksbarbie. I'll share some insights about your concern.


Since QB for Mac 2019 will stop allowing bank downloads in May 2022, you can consider manually downloading your bank transactions and then importing them to your QuickBooks. This way, you can continue to use your QuickBooks For Mac 2019. You can also consider upgrading to the  QB for Mac version 2022, which has more new features that you can explore and use in your business.


A reminder, before you start manually importing bank transactions to your QuickBooks account, make sure to unlink the bank from your QB to avoid getting errors when importing transactions. To begin, these are the steps:


  1. Go to Lists and then select Chart of Accounts.
  2. Highlight the account and select the pencil icon to edit.
  3. Select Online Settings.
  4. In the Download Transactions drop-down menu, select Not enabled.
  5. Select OK to confirm,  then select OK to close the window.


Additionally, I've got you these articles for future reference:



As always, feel free to get back to me if you have any additional QuickBooks-related concerns. I'm always ready to assist you. Keep safe and have a nice day!

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