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QB time errors

We have used QB time for maybe a month- we continue to have unresolved issues. We spend hours everyday either emailing or on the phone trying to get our issues resolved. The issues only keep getting worse. We were told our account has been escalated and we've spoken with several Tier 2 techs. I reached out to my sales agent Austin, who copied Ryan who told me they were trying to help. We were promised an account migration specialist and havent gotten one. I have asked if there was an executive in qb time that could once and for all resolve their known software issues- he hasn't been able to offer any help- when I asked him about cancelling our account he simply told me to do so from our qb time account. I thought at least he would try to keep our account and at the very least attempt to help. Who cares about their customers enough to get their issues immediately resolved in attempt to keep their business? Because its obvious, in our case that they would rather us cancel our account than help us. Anyone here know how recurring QB time issues get resolved? Thank you!

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QuickBooks Team

QB time errors

Welcome to the Community, JeanneT. I can certainly understand the inconvenience associated with these errors and am here to help.


I was able to pull up your account and can see that it's been syncing successfully. If possible, could you provide some screenshots of the error you're receiving? This will help me better understand what you're encountering.


When syncing, one of the best ways to sync is with the master admin initiating it. This works better than other user profiles starting the process.


I'll be looking forward to hearing back from you. Have an awesome Monday!

Level 2

QB time errors

Hi Zack-


Not sure how you re seeing successful syncs when I cant even sync.


I have had several phone calls and emails with Angel in tier 2 and then i don't hear back for days or a week. This is very challenging when everyday I am getting this same password error and no one can fix it and I keep getting told our account is escalated and NOONE beyond tier 2 calls me back.


If an account is escalated why doesn't a manager get on the phone with the client and take care of it immediately? Why is this being dragged out????

 A team member of mine had to uninstall and then re-install the web connect today and again we lost all our projects, but at least our team can clock in and out now- my gosh the problems are endless. 


Why cant we get one person to just FIX THIS??? Why is it this hard to get an issue resolved?

I get this error (see screenshot) EVERYDAY. Please look at our case log history its very clear that we are not syncing properly.


I need this fixed - I need your team to restore all our PROJECTS for, oh I dunno the 7th or 8th time.

Can someone form your team call me? I appreciate you trying to help , but then when will you get back to me- today, days, weeks? This back and forth and talking to 50 different people and repeating myself over and over is literally the very worst service ever. My team and I have spent now countless hours on the phone trying to get your software to talk to each other and work- This is not our job to fix or troubleshoot your software.


And what do you mean by doing a sync with master admin? Master admin on what? QB desktop? Theres only one admin account in qb desktop and its the only way I log in. And we use right networks that hosts qbdesktop. Thanks


QuickBooks Team

QB time errors

Thanks for following up with the Community, JeanneT. I appreciate your screenshot and detailed information.


I can certainly understand it's been a process, but I can assure you our QuickBooks Time care team has the tools and access to restore any jobs/projects and ensure that the web connector you're using is the right one for your version of QuickBooks. You can get in touch with them using any of the options available on our contact page. Also be sure to review their support hours so you'll know when agents are available.


You can additionally send in sync logs in QuickBooks Time by selecting View Sync Logs under your QuickBooks menu.


I'll be here to help if there's any additional questions. Have a wonderful day!

Level 2

QB time errors

Yes indeed

Angel in tier 2 emailed me yesterday asking a good time and phone number to call me today.

That time has passed- noone has called me. hoping to hear from someone. I know she cares, but the lapses in communication, the delays etc is not showing the level of care for an expert to handle an escalated case. You're in customer service- can you call me and we can resolve this? 



QB time errors

Hello JeanneT,


Thanks for reaching back out! All of us in the Community are able to help through this forum, but are not set up to reach out for phone calls. You mention that you were in communication with Angel through email, and since Angel is the most familiar with the case and on support, he will be your best point of contact.


Let me know if you have any other concerns! We will do our best to help! 

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