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QBO Inventory Normally Held and Location

HI Guys,


Quick books online is working perfect for us, apart from the inventory, which we think is almost perfect for a simple system, but lacking some very basic features i believe almost everybody would use.


Product Inventory Location

We really need to be able to have a field to add the shelf location in our warehouse


Normally Held

When the products reach "low alert" for quantity (which is a great feature) we need to order more to replace them.. however my staff do not know what our "normally held" value is, so they dont know how many to order. we really need a field for this.


Even if you just allowed some custom fields in products, this would solve this issue for us and many more.


Does anybody have any walk arounds or ideas?

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

QBO Inventory Normally Held and Location

Consider having an inventory management app with bin location tracker to integrate with your QBO.

QuickBooks Team

QBO Inventory Normally Held and Location

Hi MecAus,


While adding a custom field to an inventory item is unavailable, you'll want to use the class tracking option for each item. This helps track the items added on a transaction. 


To enable the feature, here's how:


  1. Go to the Gear > Account and Settings.
  2. On the left panel, click Advanced.
  3. Select Categories to expand and put a check mark on the Track classes box.
  4. Click Save and then Done.

Then, go to back to the Gear > All Lists > Class and add a new class where you want to items to be added. Once done, you can run reports such as Sales by Class Detail or Sales by Product/Service Detail and customize it by class. 


I've got these articles for reference:



You can also follow the suggestion provided by Fiat Lux - ASIA to integrate a third-party app. 


Please feel free to add a reply on this thread if you have any additional questions or other concerns. Take care and stay safe.

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QBO Inventory Normally Held and Location

Hello! thanks for the quick reply,


I really dont want to have to use an external app for this, we dont need all of the edditional complication which ones with it, the QBO inventory works perfect except for this small thing! custom fields in inventory would be a very easy and valuable addition?

Level 1

QBO Inventory Normally Held and Location



just to confirm, we don't have multiple shop locations with multiple inventory locations, just one shop and one large room full of parts, we would like to just add a field with the shelf location "A7B" for example, so we know where the part is located in the room.


Thanks for your help however.


Do you think there is any scope to add custom fields or location and the normally held fields in the future?


QBO Inventory Normally Held and Location

Hello MecAus,


Currently, custom fields aren't available when setting up your items. The workaround provided by RenjolynC is a good alternative.


As I further read the thread, it seems that the Category field is also fit for you to group and manage your items. 

  1. Click Sales on the left menu and go to the Products and Services tab.
  2. Look for the item and click Edit.
  3. In the Category field, select the category you want to assign to the item. You can click Add new if necessary.
  4. Click Save and close.

You can also manage the item categories through these steps:

  1. In the Products and Services page, click the More button and select Manage categories.
  2. In the Product Categories page, you can edit, delete, or add new categories.

We'll be right here to hear more of your suggestions so we can evaluate it for product updates. Have a great day!


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QBO Inventory Normally Held and Location

HI James,


Are you suggesting to use the Category field perhaps as a location field instead? So all items stored in a particular bin could be added to that "Category" ?


I am currently using the Category field to group the types of parts together, but i'll look at using sub category for this idea.


Do you know if custom fields or bin location and the normally held fields could be added in the future?


I've added a screenshot i modified to help explain what we are asking. thanks!

QuickBooks Team

QBO Inventory Normally Held and Location

Hello again, MecAus.


Yes, you can use the steps provided by my colleague JamesDuanT. At the moment, we're unable to get an update if this option will be added in the future. 


You'll want to visit the QuickBooks Blog here: and search for What's new in QuickBooks Online.


I'm just a few clicks away if there's anything else you need. Thanks.

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