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QBO to QBD for Mac

I’ve been using QBO, but due to an increase in the number of companies I manage I purchased QB desktop for Mac. Now that I want to transfer my QBO companies to Desktop for Mac I’m finding instructions that involve using internet explorer and open company files from QB desktop for PC. Not only is IE not available on Mac, but I obviously don’t own QB desktop for PC or have a machine to run it if I did. Is this really the only method?

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QBO to QBD for Mac

It's the process to convert QuickBooks Online to QB Mac, Shakalandro.


You need to export the file to QuickBooks Desktop Windows then convert the Windows file to Mac.


You don't need to purchase QuickBooks Desktop to do this. Download a trial account, then convert the file.


Step 1: Export and convert your QuickBooks Online data to QuickBooks Desktop. Once done, proceed to the steps below:


Step 2: Convert the Windows company file to Mac

  1. Open the company file in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows.
  2. Re-sort lists.
  3. Rebuild and verify your data file.
  4. Go to the File menu, then select Utilities and then Copy Company File for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.
  5. Save the file in your desired location. This creates a file with the extension MAC.qbb.
  6. Copy the file to a DVD, external hard drive, flash drive, or FTP web site.

Lastly, restore the file in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac:

  1. In the No Company Open window, select Browse, then locate the file you want to restore. Note: If your QuickBooks Windows file is on an external drive, save it locally by dragging it to the desired location before restoring it to avoid data corruption.
  2. Select OK when you get the prompt asking if you want to restore a QuickBooks Desktop for Windows file.
  3. Enter a name for the restored file then select Save.

There you have it, you're now able to access your company file in QB Mac.


This might come in handy: Limitations when you convert from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop.


Let me know if you have other questions about managing your company file.

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QBO to QBD for Mac

Use - it has an option to create a Mac file.

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QBO to QBD for Mac

Well, I followed these instructions and got to the point of generating the company data export. The resulting email says to go to the Tasks section of my QBO to download the generated file. When I go there, nothing renders...

QuickBooks Team

QBO to QBD for Mac

Hello there, @Shakalandro.


I appreciate that you've tried the workaround provided by my colleague. However, since you're still unable to get what you needed, I recommend contacting Ou QuickBooks Online support team. They can pull up your account in a safe and secure environment and further investigate what is really going on as well as provide you an explanation and walk you through the process.


Here's how to contact our support team:

  1. Log in to your Quickbooks Online account.
  2. Go to the Help icon, then click Contact Us.
  3. Enter a brief explanation of your concern, then click on Continue.
  4. Select from the options provided on how would you like to contact our support team.

Let me know if I can be an additional help by leaving a comment below. Have a great day ahead.

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QBO to QBD for Mac

The ExportMyBooks app is available in the Intuit App Store in QuickBooks Online and can do what you need with a couple clicks.  Like all apps in the Intuit App Store EMB has passed Intuit's security review.  We are currently not charging for use.

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