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QuickBooks Online customer statements

I need to customize the statement template in QuickBooks Online. The address block does not allow the full customer name field to fit on the first line of the address and the address block is not lined up for mailing in window envelopes. Our organization sometimes creates multiple invoices for customers on one day, so sending invoices individually is not an acceptable answer. We also deal with some customers who do not use email. For these reasons we need to be able to easily mail monthly statements in hard copy. Please help.



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QuickBooks Online customer statements

I can help you make everything possible in QuickBooks, @MarcieB


That's not the experience I want you to come across in our statement template in QuickBooks Online. Having the ability to customize the customer template is helpful if it's available in the program. With this, I'd recommend writing feedback to our product engineers. Sending feature suggestions enables our creators to develop a solution to enhance your overall QuickBooks experience. 


Proceed as follows: 


  1. Go to the Gear icon on the upper right side. 
  2. Choose Feedback
  3. Type your concern in the box and click Next.



Many of the program's current features are available because of user feedback. Also, QuickBooks has a website where you can vote on and provide comments on any future suggestions. To access the page, visit this link: Customer Feedback for QuickBooks.


Further, check out this article on how to view current customer statements and modify other settings: Create and send customer statements in QuickBooks.


If you have other suggestions or comments on the product, please post them in the comments section below. I'm willing to listen to you and help you make it all possible on QuickBooks. Keep safe, Marcie. 

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QuickBooks Online customer statements

I have subscribed to QuickBooks Self-Employed, and none of the options you mention are available once I click the gear. My menu is relatively stripped-down, yet I still NEED to correct a typo in the body of my statement message. I have ADHD and cannot sift through 5,000 pages of answers when the first five pages haven't gotten me close to ANYTHING in my category of need.

Please help. I appreciate your consideration.

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