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Quickbooks online login for Quickbooks Self Employed


I have a quickbooks online login that I would like to use for getting my 1099s from clients. I no longer use QBO. I have an accountant who uses desktop. I tried to login with my QBO Account. Then I tried to set up a new free account with Self employed. BUT quickbooks says that login is taken. So, I either need my email released from the QBO database. Or I need to be able to log into it and get the 1099s from clients. Creating a new free account with a different email does not help. Clients have already invited me to download 1099s from the existing email account. Please help. 

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Quickbooks online login for Quickbooks Self Employed

Hi @wwlighting, I'll make sure you're able to get your 1099s.


You're on the right track, a free account in QuickBooks Self-employed is created to view 1099s. Since it doesn't give you the option and there is an error message prompt, I recommend contacting our Customer Care Support.


You can work with one of our specialists who have the tool to pull up your account securely and create the 1099 free account accordingly. You can do so by following the steps below:


  1. Login to QuickBooks Online account.
  2. Go to Help.
  3. Select Search.
  4. Click Contact Us.
  5. Enter a few words describing how you're unable to create the free account needed in the What can we help you with? field.
  6. Select Continue.
  7. Click Chat with us or Have us call you.


I want to include that reaching out to our Customer Care Support is best during business hours from 6 AM-6 PM PT Monday-Friday. Use this article to learn more: QuickBooks Online Support.


You may also read this reference with the topics to use while working with your subscription, password, and much more: A Series of Articles that Covers Account Management in QuickBooks.


I've got you covered if you've got questions about account information in QuickBooks. Let me know by leaving a comment using the Reply option below. Take care always!

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Quickbooks online login for Quickbooks Self Employed

This would be great if I could login to QBO. It is the same problem. I stopped using QBO when I got an accountant who has Quickbooks. So, I get the same message that there is no account associated with my email. But when I try to create one it says that login is taken. Since it is my name and my company name I know that it isn't taken by someone else. Super frustrating. Either I have a log in I can use. OR I dont. Having a login that I can't use is pointless. 

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