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Receipts / Expense

I am trying to upload expenses for my husband's sole proprietor business and he has purchased personal items along with business supplies on the same receipt.  How can I create an expense for just the portion that applies to the business?  Thanks

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QuickBooks Team

Receipts / Expense

Thanks for visiting the Community today, @madadex. To record the portion of the expenses mixed with personal and business, take out the business expense amount from the receipt.


Here's how:


  1. Select the + New icon, then select Expense.
  2. Select the vendor in the Payees field, then choose the account you used to pay for the expense in the Payment account field.
  3. In the Category details section, enter the expense info. In the Category dropdown, choose the expense account you use to track expense transactions. 
  4. Enter the Amount and Tax, then fill out the rest of the field.
  5. Click Save and close.


Please note that using these steps, your account in QuickBooks and actual bank balance won't match. Hence, I'd recommend consulting your accountant for further advice to ensure everything is accurate.


You can also check out the difference between bills, checks, and expenses


I'm always willing to help you some more with any of your additional or other concerns. Take care!

Community Champion

Receipts / Expense

If this is a purchase on a company credit card, where you need to enter all of the purchases in order to reconcile, then on the credit card charge split the details so that the company and personal expense are separate.  Then use an Equity account for the personal expenses charged as the personal expenses are a draw on the business.  I use a sub-account called Owner's Equity:Draw for things like this.

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