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My credit card is connected to my QBO account.  All transactions download EXCEPT my credit card point redemption.  As a result, I'm having trouble reconciling.  Why isn't this transaction downloading and what do I do about it so I can reconcile?

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So you said "points" but what exactly is it that you're trying to reconcile?


If they are actual "points" that you're building up and you can purchase something with them later, then they don't go into your CC register and are not part of the Reconciliation process.


If you are getting "credits" on your CC statement (multiple, monthly or even yearly) for purchases, then they do need to be added into the Register.  I'm not sure why QBs isn't picking them up, but it just may be the way your CC is recording the Transaction, so it looks like they need to be entered manually.


You can enter them a couple of ways, I would just go into the CC Register (Chart of Accounts), but you can also go to the Banking menu and choose Make CC Charge - but be sure to check the Credit option if you go that way.


If you do know what each entry is for, like you get a credit for a Staples purchase, then you can enter Staples as the vendor, the amount (in the Payment side since it's a Credit) and use Office Supplies (or whatever you use for Staples) as the associated Acct.  This will reduce your Office Supply Expenses.


If there is just one Credit/Refund on the statement, you can handle it a couple of ways.  For a single entry I'd use whatever name you use to pay the CC (e.g. Chase VISA)  Then, if you know what the credit is for (office supplies, fuel, etc.) you can make one entry and either associate with an Expense Acct as for the individual credits above.  Or, just put it in Other Income.  These credits are probably just a few dollars and are not going to affect your Income enough to make a difference.  This would be the way to do it if some of your CCs give you an annual refund. 



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The points are redeemed for credit. It's over $200 so its not insignificant.  I guess I have to enter it manually.  Thanks for your response.

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