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retrieving a file from QB1999

My computer crashed with QB1999 using Windows XP.  The data was retrieved from the hard drive but I cannot open it because it was not retrieved using a password.

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retrieving a file from QB1999

Let's reset the password to open the file, Barb5.


You can use the Automated Password Reset tool to retrieve the file, and open it in QuickBooks Desktop. Here's the link to download the tool.


Here's the following information that will be asked to reset the password:

  • QuickBooks license number
  • Business info used when QuickBooks was registered.

If you get a message that the details you've provided didn't match, log in to your Intuit account and ensure that these details are correct:

  • Authorized user's name and email address
  • Primary Mailing address (especially zip code)
  • License number (under Products and Services)
  • Phone number (under Account Details)

For the complete instructions to do this, you can refer to this article: Use the Automated Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks Desktop.


I'll be around if you need anything else.

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retrieving a file from QB1999



Please Learn from this input. There were not Passwords back in the 1990 data files and the Reset tool won't work on these old files.




You've got two other topics on the same issue of Old Files.


Yes, you need to ask Intuit to update all of your old files. Nothing about this will change until you have a file from QB 2015 or later.


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