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Selecting from multiple screens pages.

I manage a high volume attorney who produces over 600 invoices a month and who has about 100 clients.

From time to time those clients will need to be sent past or outstanding invoices.  There are 150 invoices to view per screen.  Some clients may have 3 or more screens.  Many times I will select several from screen 1 of 3, several from screen 2 of 3, etc.  After selecting all required invoices, I select "print transactions" from the Batch Action menu.  Only to find out only the invoices from the last screen had printed.  Incredibly, the QB software will not remember the previous screen selections!  If I selected 20 invoices and the last screen selections were 3, only those 3 would print.  Even more frustrating, we know the capability is there because when I reconcile payments, it remembers those invoices I selected.


Is there anyway around this?  Am I missing a setting somewhere?  Does QB have a competitor that allows me to do this?  It is quite unprofessional to have to send my client 4-5 separate files because I can only save each screen's selections.

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QuickBooks Team

Selecting from multiple screens pages.

Hello there, @Eric602.


I have some information about printing multiple invoices. At the moment, the setting to include the previous page of invoices for batch printing is unavailable. You'll have to print them one page at a time.


I'll be taking note of this option, so our developers will know that this is something that they need to consider adding. Rest assured they're working diligently to enhance the product and deliver the best experience for all QuickBooks users.


Meanwhile, you can send a product request through our website. In this page, you can also see the recently updated ideas added to the program. 


Additionally, here's a link that'll help you manage customer-related tasks. It has topics with articles that'll guide you along. Just look for a topic that suit your concern: Topics about your company's income and customers.


Drop a reply anytime below if you have other questions or concerns with invoices. I'll be around to assist you. Take care and be safe.

Level 2

Selecting from multiple screens pages.

Thank you for the transparency!

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