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Sharing File

Quick question. Client upgraded to Desktop Premier 2024. She is wanting me to use her second user to put it on my computer. My computer is not networked to hers. I do the weekly work and her small payroll (enhanced) on my computer and she restores it from my flashdrive to the company file on her computer.

Can I put her company file on my Desktop Accountant 2024 on my computer and then she restores to her Premier 2024 on her computer each week?

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Sharing File

Not possible 

QuickBooks Team

Sharing File

Hi there, @BBS


I agree with Walker21 that adding yourself as the second user isn't possible as the multi-user network is only for users with the same company license. To elaborate, the term hosting is utilized to refer to the scenario where a computer that holds a company file permits other computers to gain access to the file.


What we can do to assist your client's bookkeeping is to ask for an accountant's copy. This way, they can continue their work on their company file while you can review their books and manage this weekly, including payroll. To begin, please assess your client's readiness to proceed to Step 1: Set up QuickBooks, and Step 2: Create an Accountant's Copy in this article: Create an Accountant's Copy of your company file in QuickBooks Desktop. On the same reference, you, as the accountant, will have to download the copy to make changes and import it.


That's it! Whenever you have queries concerning managing a client's file, please know that we’re open 24/7 to help you. You can always drop by and hit the Reply button to start posting them here. Take care!

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