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Square and qb online

We just got square but we are not using the sync. So I have to enter things manually. I am clueless in how to do this. The micros pos system we used b4 would print out a daily sales report and I had a journal to enter it all into. Now the close of day report really doesn't match my recurring journal and there are fees and we use Uber so now the uber sales are tied into the end of day square report which is overstating the sales. I'm about to have a nervous breakdown if I can't figure this out.  Tomorrow I can add screen shots so you can see what I'm comparing things to.  But in the meantime any suggestions? And no syncing it is not going to happen. Oh and I work doe now at a restaurant.


Square and qb online

Let's keep calm and we'll get everything sorted out, Angel11-72.


The transactions that are flowing or should be recorded in your register are already the net amounts. However, Square and Uber have processing fees. Hence, we'll also include them to your sales transactions as we create bank deposits. This would help us not to overstate your balances. To know more about what I'm talking, you can browse this article: Record and make Bank Deposits in QuickBooks Online.


For us to help you correct your data, we'd appreciate more details of what is happening. Thanks in advance!


Level 3

Square and qb online

So here are copies of what I used to get from Micros POS and how I entered it into a template in QB's.  And then I added a blank template and a copy of the square close of day report.  Could someone help me figure out head's from tails?



Square receipt with notes on it.jpg Blank Journal Entry for Daily Sales.jpg Daily Sales example.jpg Journal entry in computer.jpg

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