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Hannah S
Level 1

switching operating systems and upgrading to 2022

I have QB 2019 desktop for Mac.  I have purchased a new computer that is not a Mac - it runs Windows 11.  I want to purchase QB 2022 for my new Windows computer, but I will need to get my data from my Mac-based QB 2019 moved over.  Is this possible, and how?  Thanks for your help.

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QuickBooks Team

switching operating systems and upgrading to 2022

I’ll help you with the process of moving data from your QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2019 to QuickBooks Desktop 2022, @Hannah S.


Let’s start with reviewing if you meet the minimum system requirements for QuickBooks Desktop 2022. This way, we can make sure it’s compatible to run on your computer.


To get your data, you can update your QuickBooks for Mac to the latest release. Next, let’s eliminate the special characters from any memos.


Here's how:


  1. Go to the Reports menu, then click Custom Transaction Detail Report.
  2. Select All Dates from the Dates drop-down menu.
  3. Double click a transaction with a memo.
  4. Select Save after deleting the special characters from the memo section.
  5. Close the transaction.
  6. Repeat the process for each transaction.
  7. Re-sort your lists.
  8. Verify and rebuild your company file by selecting Utilities from the File menu. Then, choose Verify Data.


Kindly check out this article about converting a QuickBooks for Mac file to QuickBooks for Windows. You can then proceed to Step 3: Convert your company file.


I’m adding theses resources to guide you through downloading and installing QuickBooks Desktop:



Let me know if you run into any hurdles while following the steps provided above. If you also have any other QBDT concerns, leave a comment below. I’ll be right here to assist further.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

switching operating systems and upgrading to 2022

@Hannah S 

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